Rely on Intelligent Software

Think new. RECOM-GRIPS offers you the opportunity to work with software that is fully aligned with the needs and requirements of your facility. Starting from a basic module, you can build up individual modules. The following factors, for example, may be decisive: in which country do you work? Is it a hospital, the elderly care sector or the outpatient/mobile nursing service? Which occupational groups should work with digital support? And so on ...

As you see, the possibilities are as diverse as your requirements. The focus is always on being able to work in a interdisciplinary, interoperable and intersectoral way.

Vorteile Pflegesoftware

Functionality for
Your Work

RECOM-GRIPS includes a variety of functions to effectively support individuals involved in the treatment process.


Mobility for
Your Use

Flexible working in apps and a clever Wi-Fi downtime system ensure mobility & stability across sectors.

Mobile services

Individuality for Your Systems

Short distances or granularity – our databases will meet your integration requirements.