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MOCCA 360° - the software for mobile care

The core of the software MOCCA 360° is the electronic record RECOM-GriPS with the complete extension of administrative components: duty scheduling, resource scheduling, and accounting. MOCCA 360° is particularly suitable for large mobile care companies.

  • Advantages
  • 360°perspective
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Holistic solutions for mobile care

MOCCA 360° for mobile care stands for a well-conceived solution with a broad range of functions from a single source. The system has been developed with renowned clients from the healthcare sector. People are always at the center: depending on opportunities and resources he or she will be treated in an inpatient institution, cared for by a mobile, outpatient healthcare provider at certain time intervals, or he or she uses eHealth services autonomously from home.

The combination of several IT-based modules for all processes in administration, planning, performance, accounting, and quality assurance support your organization to be a leader in information and knowledge management. Optimized processes contribute to an increase in service quality and lead to cost reduction at the same time.

Get the 360° perspective for your organization

With MOCCA 360° for mobile care you are one step ahead. Use the opportunities of modern technology to best possibly care for your clients, relieve your staff from unnecessary administrative tasks, and to create relevant key figures for your organization at a push of a button.

Holistic nursing management

The requirements for healthcare providers will further increase. In order to react to these new challenges promptly and adequately, from an information technology perspective a holistic system is required: the illustration of organizational processes in an electronic system, the integration of a scientifically founded electronic nursing documentation, the optimal support of all staff in their performances, the electronic data exchange with third parties as well as the additional quality assurance and quality improvement are the main features of MOCCA 360°.

People and the organization are the focus

Satisfied clients and relatives, motivated staff, economic and legal protection as well as a positive public image are the challenges for MOCCA 360°. The better the organization is supported, the better these challenges can be addressed. The 360° perspective of MOCCA meets this requirement.

MOCCA 360° is a comprehensive software solution which covers the nursing and care process from the inpatient to the mobile and outpatient sector up to innovative assistance systems like Assisted Living and telemedicine services with information technology.

Benefit of using MOCCA 360°

For the organization

  • Transparent, effective, and efficient processes
  • Client management using the CRM module (Client Relationship Management)
  • Micromarketing and target-group-specific communication
  • Increase of client satisfaction
  • Staff management
  • Substantial time saving during the creation of service plans
  • Reduced mileage and travel time due to optimized touring
  • Reduction of adminstrative time and costs
  • Reduced accounting time
  • Positive outcome on complaint management
  • Electronic data exchange with insurances and funding authorities
  • Key figures on a daily basis (KPIs) and controlling reports at a push of a button
  • Continuous quality assurance

For Staff

  • AUp-to-date information on the client are always retrievable
  • A significant reduction of administrative tasks occurs
  • The performed services can be documented electronically using pre-defined selection lists
  • An overview of performed working hours is available at any time
  • Electronic, standardized nursing documentation is carried out on the highest quality level

For the client

  • Highest quality in the nursing care process
  • Transparency of all activities
  • Adherence to schedules and timeliness
  • Highly informed care staff
  • Comprehensible documentation
  • Prompt reaction times to the institution as requested by the client
  • Best information and highest transparency for relatives

360° mobile nursing care

The nursing care process places high demands on your organization, on you and your staff. It is necessary to face legal requirements, permanent further education, technical interfaces to most different partners, critical relatives and sensitive client with highest quality, professionalism, and efficiency.

  • The system supports not only outpatient and mobile care, but also inpatient institutions as well as new approaches to the areas of AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) and telemedicine.
  • Nursing and care processes are standardized and provide legal certainty.
  • All processes are documented electronically and comprehensible: administrative processes, logistics processes, nursing care processes.
  • All activities are logged in the system and can be subsequently evaluated.
  • Special key figures as leading indicators enable to timely initiate necessary changes.
  • The data exchange with external partners is permitted in compliance with strict data protection requirements.
  • The electronic health record is fully supported.
  • Through the integration into a workflow environment, especially organizational processes can be implemented promptly and efficiently. By this, workflows for complaint management, further education, etc. provide optimal support.

Flexible modular system

MOCCA is a modern eHealth platform with a modular structure which covers a broad range of social services and healthcare. Besides the classic area of inpatient nursing care MOCCA 360° meets all requirements of home care, outpatient and mobile care and increasingly offers services for assistance systems (AAL, Ambient Assisted Living), such as for dementia or the collection of vital parameters and their transmission to the MOCCA 360° eHealth portal (telemedicine).

The underlying concepts of AAL and telemedicine are additionally supported by the findings of several research projects for everyday use.

> Components of the performance module …

  • Inpatient care: duty scheduling, bed occupancy management, documentation at the bedside, signature in ENP
  • Outpatient care: smartphones, tablet, and netbook; manual or touchless electronic time and activity recording, electronic performance evidence
  • Telemedicine applications: autonomous collection of vital parameters, automated data collected, logging in a Web portal, alerting, and initiation of help

> Administration module …

  • Master data administration and Client Relationship Management (CRM): clients, staff, relatives, health professionals, guardian, interested parties, other stakeholders
  • Resource administration
  • Duty scheduling with optimization function
  • Resource scheduling with optimization function and tour planning
  • Fleet management

> Tour planning …

The complete tour planning is supported by geoinformation from the addresses in the master data. The system calculates the ideal member of staff for a tour on the basis of several parameters according to arrival and departure times, current overtime, availability, and qualification.

  • Visual illustration of client addresses and tours on a map
  • Comfortable creation of tours due to care appointments
  • Mileage and travel times of a tour are always updated
  • Development of the tour (tour capacity) over the next months

> Duty scheduling …

  • Collection of any duty types
  • Check for legal regulations
  • Check for any organizational regulation
  • Current calculation of overtime and undertime
  • Possibility to display any planning periods
  • Sending of duty scheduling to the mobile device of the staff member

> Shift plan…

  • Visual overview of all daily tours
  • Team-oriented overviews
  • Prompt and simple re-planning possibilities
  • Comfortable functions for touring management
  • Integrated tour overview
  • Prompt transmission of tour changes to the staff member

> Nursing documentation using ENP …

ENP is a standardized terminology/language for nursing. ENP is being used internationally and is continuously further developed by a scientific team. ENP or NANDA-I are licensed automatically by purchasing MOCCA 360°.

  • Knowledge database with a variety of ready to use nursing pathways
  • Item-based anamnesis
  • More than 500 nursing diagnoses are completely illustrated
  • Interdisciplinary documentation (physicians, therapists, etc.)
  • Medication record based on the Austria-Codex
  • Different assessment instruments (pain, fall, pressore sore, etc.)
  • Comprehensive possibilities for wound documentation

> MOCCA accounting …

State-of-the-Art accounting of staff and client services. MOCCA supports payroll accounting up to 100 % according to existing legal regulations and a comfortable, rule-based accounting of services for clients, funding authorities, and insurances.

  • Fair calculation of staff hours according to salary types
  • Administration of working hours´models and collective agreements
  • Interface to leading payroll accounting systems
  • Accounting of client services, e.g. according to individual services or flat-rate values
  • Automated allocation to cost units
  • Print of single and collective invoices Interface to leading accounting systems

> Reporting und data evaluation …

MOCCA 360° combines your systems:

  • Merging of all relevant partial information from all data sources along the value-added chain of your organization
  • Reporting through automated queries and aggregated data
  • Possibility of ad hoc queries per click for resource planning

All information of the organization are unified in the data warehouse system to one holistic view.

Interface MOCCA Connect

MOCCA Connect enables a standardized data exchange to other other healthcare providers such as hospitals or physicians based on HL7 and CDA XML documents. For example, in the city of Vienna the transfer report is generated fully automatically and provides as Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) document to the downstream hospitals. This procedure is possible in both directions.

Furthermore, the MOCCA platform offers a Web service interface which enables the data exchange with third party systems such as accounting and billing promptly and efficiently.

  • HL7 and CDA (Level 1-3)
  • ELGA-compliant transfer report*
  • Web service interface to third party systems
  • Support of various communication protocols

* relevant for institutions in Austria

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