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The electronic resident record GriPS G4 for inpatient nursing care for the elderly

The electronic resident record GriPS G4 for inpatient nursing care for the elderly provides all functions for the care process. Nurses benefit from up-to-date specialist knowledge and nursing diagnosis-related care pathways. The highlight: the software refinances itself after the first year in use.

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The first software with content

The electronic patient record GriPS G4 defines the documentation process previously running either on paper or with simple software systems completely new and thereby provides nurses up-to-date specialist knowledge and nursing diagnosis-related care pathways.

This avoids that nurses need to formulate freely, e.g. during the collection of risk assessments. Your benefit: information about the resident can be collected unambiguously and in structured form.

All speak the same language: ENP

The technical foundation of the electronic resident record is based on digital and structured information of terminologies and classifications. The nursing care process is supported by the European classification ENP, for example. Nursing diagnoses guide the nursing staff to professionally correct and literature-based nursing pathways. These nursing pathways are already activated with the collection of the anamnesis, offer nursing diagnoses suggestions and support the nurses in planning and selection of interventions. All practice guidelines are based on current nursing knowledge. All available expert standards are also part of the application.

The simplicity of collecting data for management, risk assessment, expenditure values relevant for the MDK (the German Medical Review Board of the Statutory Health Insurance Funds), living area utilization, reporting, up to an automatically created nursing transfer report will impress you.

More than a benefit for nursing and residents

The electronic resident record GriPS G4 for inpatient nursing care for the elderly promotes the unambiguous communication and increases the quality of the information at the same time. Communication breaks are prevented to optimize the functioning workflow of all nurses involved in the care of the resident. The most important professional facts for decision-making are provided directly, best practice processes are suggested. A holistic resident overview thus makes it possible to use all resources optimally and thereby meet the resident's needs.

Information per click within seconds

Nursing institutions are meanwhile under intense pressure, whether in relation to the quality of their treatment, or the profitability of the institution. Improved communication and support of nursing decision-making increase quality and transparency of performances. The electronic resident record GriPS G4 for inpatient nursing care for the elderly also provides the foundation for the calculation of costs and related updates of performance changes through the nursing team.

You gain time resources by optimized process documentation with the unique advantage to also generate the transfer information from the software per click within seconds.

Better process flows, less red tape means as a result: creating freedom for nursing and the care of your residents!

The benefit for nurses, nursing quality and resident safety as well as nursing management


  • Safe nursing care
  • Transparent, easy to verify medication
  • Safe medication, interaction test
  • Nursing concepts on the current state of scientific knowledge
  • Resident safety through intelligent nursing transfer concept
  • More time for caring and attention for the nursing staff
  • More continuity in caregiving

Elderly care

  • Anamnestic support of vocabulary provided by the system (IDEA)
  • Professionally founded nursing care planning and documentation with the nursing language European Nursing care Pathways (ENP)
  • Risk management using reports on request
  • Automated transfer sheets directly from the daily documentation
  • Professionally founded wound management
  • Safe formulations through professionally founded nursing pathways information
  • Detailed illustration of the resident's health situation
  • Great time-saving in writing nursing care planning and documentation
  • Professional network instead of a flood of forms

Nursing managment

  • Risk management
  • High level of staff satisfaction
  • Optimization of resident safety
  • Access to relevant statistics directly from the daily documentation
  • Discharge planning process form automated from the daily documentation
  • Crosscheck over defined periods of nursing expenditure to level of care
  • MDK-relevant statistics directly from the daily documentation

Support of management

  • Automated collection and control of risk factors
  • Comparison of calculation of nursing expenditure with the current level of care
  • Automated reporting system in critical situations of the residents
  • Collection and measurement of nursing time for the evaluation of care levels
  • Relevant statistics for transparency criteria
  • Best possible preparation for MDK inspections through detailed resident statistics/risk reports

Quality management

  • Transparency of work processes
  • Illustration of expert standards using ENP (nursing diagnoses for elderly care)
  • Direct access to current nursing knowledge at any time
  • Evaluations relevant for groups and residents
  • Case analyses according to risk groups
  • Complexity of nursing situation can be documented effectively, transparency is increased

Per click into the discharge planning process form

Imagine you would only need one click to provide the important and relevant information of your resident in an optimal structure, for example a hospital transferring a resident. No tedious searching for information in the resident record with no reduction of information, for example due to a lack of time.

All information important for the treatment are provided promptly for the hospital, because the electronic resident record for the inpatient care of the elderly GriPS G4 transfers them per click from the daily documentation into the discharge planning process form. You thereby increase the safety of your resident and relieve your staff from time-consuming manual transfer of important information into the discharge planning process form at the same time. The consequences are improved and optimized communication between healthcare institutions as well as increased satisfaction of staff and process optimization.

Thinking ahead - a lifelong resident record

The electronic resident record GriPS G4 is not only being used by you in elderly care, but also in hospitals as well as outpatient nursing services. It thus closes a blatant (information) gap in healthcare.

The advantage for treatment, nursing, and care is obvious. Through the controlled and quick access to relevant health information or the direct electronic transfer of the discharge planning process form information gaps will be closed and the safety of the persons concerned considerably increased. Only the combination of relevant information for the health status increases the safety and efficiency of the health system. No matter where health performances are carried out, they are always carried out for a resident, patient, or client.

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