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RECOM-GRIPS connects and crosses borders.
Interdisciplinary – intersectoral – interoperable.

Depending on the setting in which you work or the occupational group you belong to – the fully flexible modular structure of GRIPS allows you to set up your digital record accurately and in line with your needs. Integrated, structured and controlled vocabulary makes your documentation easier, faster, safer and, above all, evaluable. Intelligently linked pathways and connections guide your team through the entire care and treatment process and enable evidence-based action. Accountable services are derived from the standard documentation. This type of digitalization of care and treatment documentation offers completely new possibilities. Think new with RECOM-GRIPS!

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  • Nursing
  • Therapy
  • Medicine
  • Management
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Maximum Flexibility:
Put Together Your Own Record

When it comes to electronic health records, do you think of fillable PDF files and blank text fields? That was yesterday, think new! RECOM-GRIPS is characterized by a new modular structure, which allows a fully flexible and accurate set up of your digital record, entirely according to your needs. As RECOM-GRIPS is successfully used in different settings, countries and by different occupational groups, you can choose from a portfolio of more than 100 field-tested individual modules and combine them exactly to create your electronic health/care record.

The underlying basic package contains all core components required to work successfully with RECOM-GRIPS, such as user and client administration as well as rights and role management. In addition, the basic package alone includes many core modules for documentation, such as for nursing:

  • nursing history
  • vital signs/observation protocol
  • nursing care plan with the nursing terminology ENP (European Nursing care Pathways)
  • task and to-do lists (Task Assistant)
  • mobilization plan
  • fall record
  • progress report
  • a set of predefined reports
  • internal messaging system

With this basic package alone as the foundation of a digitalized way of working, you can successfully illustrate the nursing process and noticeably increase the efficiency of documentation and work processes!

Overall, RECOM-GRIPS offers more than 100 different individual and additional modules. These can be added to the basic package either individually or in packages. This gives you maximum flexibility in configuring your digital clinical record.

In addition to the basic package, we offer the following pre-configured modular core packages:

  • core package nursing care
  • core package medicine
  • core package therapy

Each of the core packages complements the basic package for the respective setting in a targeted manner and differentiates and specializes your RECOM-GRIPS version.

You want to learn more? Contact us at and arrange a non-binding online presentation.

Core Package Nursing Care

As a supplement to the basic package, this modular upgrade offers many enhancements particularly for the nursing department and specializes your version of RECOM-GRIPS. The core nursing care noticeably facilitates and structures the planning and documentation of the nursing care process, e.g. through the integrated nursing terminology European Nursing care Pathways (ENP), clever linkages between individual assessments as well as included automatic linkages between your entries once made in the history and the resulting follow-up documentation. Multiple signatures and a sound user administration are just a few highlights that optimize your work in the process and make your documentation solid. The individual modules from the nursing package can either be combined as a whole or as a selection for the basic package.

The following contents, for example, are included in the core package nursing care:

  • scales and assessments with progress display
  • activities and group documentation
  • nursing round
  • nursing effort display
  • discharge planning process form
  • medication plan/lists
  • wound management
  • and much more

We would be pleased to present you in detail the possibilities for modularization for the nursing sector! Please contact us directly at

Core Package Therapy

With the core package therapy, RECOM-GRIPS offers many documentation and planning options, for example for physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well as social services. The services offered range from the assessment of findings including specific assessments, performance documentation of individual and group therapies to the derivation of results relevant to accounting, such as the German procedure classification OPS 8-552 "Neurological-neurosurgical early rehabilitation”. A special feature here is that therapeutic applications can also be viewed and documented accordingly in a daily schedule assigned to the care receiver as a to-do list requiring signature: when the treatment was carried out, in what form and by whom can be clearly evident from it. Depending on the user and rights concept, in detail also across occupational groups within a facility to ensure holistic and patient-oriented therapy.

In the Task Assistant you find the task list, the reminder list and a calendar view of the respective ward.

The core package therapy offers documentation and planning options for the following areas & occupational groups:

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech therapy
  • psychology
  • nutritional counseling
  • art and music therapy
  • bath department or physical therapy
  • social service

We would be pleased to present you in detail the possibilities for modularization for the therapy area! Please contact us directly at

Core Package Medicine

A core module of the additional package medicine provides the complex medication order. RECOM-GRIPS offers integration options of various medication databases and associated drug therapy safety (German abbr. AMTS) check With one click you get an interaction check based on e.g. the ABDA database or a display of incompatibilities within the medication of a selected patient.

The core package medicine in RECOM-GRIPS includes of course especially modules for documentation of medical orders, ward round documentation and the classic temperature chart. External values and findings such as laboratory results can be transferred via HL7 interface into the temperature chart, just as results from RECOM-GRIPS can be reported back to the HIS (hospital information system, e.g. for writing doctor’s letters. The temperature chart can be customized using a wide range of content and options for different setting and departments, which in turn increases the degree of customization entirely according to your requirements.

Exemplary individual modules in the core package medicine are:

  • medication
  • temperature chart
  • nationwide medication plan
  • diabetes protocol
  • fluid balancing
  • ward round documentation
  • display of laboratory values
  • and much more

We would be pleased to present you in detail the possibilities for modularization for the field of medicine! Please contact us directly at

Facts and Figures

What if you could know with one click what the pressure ulcer rate is on a ward or in the entire facility and how it has developed over time period X? Can you reliably and quickly answer, for example, what the number of falls on ward Y was in August? Do you have transparent evidence that your staff planning for ward Z is in line with requirements?

RECOM-GRIPS provides the answers. With one click.
You don't think so? Contact us, we will be pleased to present you details.

Click on the headings below for more information.

> Clever Data Evaluation

Analysis combined with clever links providing completely new evaluation possibilities: with GRIPS AnalytiX you can meet individual analysis, evaluation and data presentation needs to receive accurate answers!

Individual data evaluation with GRIPS AnalytiX.


Your Possibilities with GRIPS AnalytiX:
  1. identify and manage risks
  2. make predictions and determine requirements
  3. analyze research questions

The RECOM-GRIPS AnalytiX Way

We combine our broad knowledge and decades of experience in nursing science with excellent capabilities of the most advanced technologies.

As part of this, GRIPS AnalytiX offers functions such as a fine-granular organization and authorization concept, as well as a COVID-19 dashboard that quickly provides you with sound indicators in the current situation.

GRIPS enables the evaluation of the nursing effort per patient or ward on the basis of the integrated minute values.
As a detailed evaluation tool, AnalytiX provides you with completely new evaluation options.

Would you like to learn more about GRIPS AnalytiX? Contact us and arrange a non-binding personal presentation appointment via web session. Please send an e-mail to


> User Administration & Authorization Concept

RECOM-GRIPS provides you with a proven user administration based on an authorization concept linked to corresponding user rights. Depending on which person logs in with the corresponding user rights, only the shared content for the linked user group status is displayed. In the login window, functions with group authorizations can be configured e.g. for occupational groups or qualifications.

Authorization groups in RECOM-GRIPS are simply activated by, for example, the main contact person directly in the company and do not have to be controlled externally. This allows modules to be flexibly displayed or hidden by the administrator with the user administration. When implementing GRIPS, authorization groups can be created completely individually. By default, the system comes with initial suggestions during installation, but they do not have to be followed. Of course, entire groups of users (e.g., by occupational group: all physicians) can also be assigned to an authorization level, so that time-consuming individual selection is not necessary.

> Interfaces

Interfaces to existing hospital information systems (HIS)

Integrating RECOM-GRIPS as an expert system in already existing HIS environments is no problem. Interfaces to all common hospital information systems such as Dedalus (formerly Agfa Orbis), CGM, Nexus, etc. can be implemented. 

Intersectoral care for a life-long patient record

The data collected by the electronic health record RECOM-GRIPS are available across sectors, for example, for nursing homes, outpatient services and institutions.

RECOM-GRIPS is not only applicable in hospitals but also generates health data for the nursing home sector as well as for outpatient services. It thus closes a blatant (information) gap in the health care system.

Only the integration of units directly involved in the core process of the patient leads to the completion of required health information - and thereby to performance-based compensation. Without information loss or additional costs the decisive data for the patient are combined. Potential access to the record by other disciplines or institutions is possible at any time.

Do you have questions about the integration of RECOM-GRIPS into your HIS or about interfaces?Please contact directly

> Overcoming Language Barriers

Multilingualism plays an important role in the healthcare sector, whether for the group employed or for e.g. care-dependent people. RECOM-GRIPS offers you a decisive advantage in terms of language!

The integrated terminology ENP (European Nursing care Pathways) provides clear formulations as a pre-selection in any kind of documentation. Text modules increase the degree of standardization and significantly reduce the error rate Clear documentation is a top priority.

In addition, it is also possible to integrate other terminologies such as NANDA International as database.

The second great plus in terms of multilingualism are the different language versions in which RECOM-GRIPS with ENP can be purchased. For example, customers in Luxembourg work in French as well as in German! If an employee makes an entry in French, it will also be displayed translated on the fly in the German version.

RECOM-GRIPS is available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. 

Software With Integrated Expertise

With constantly updated vocabulary available, RECOM-GRIPS supports the care process. With this expertise you facilitate the daily work of all occupational groups (physicians, nurses, therapists as well as quality management and controlling). Each occupational group is provided with the important information for them. You achieve efficiency, transparency and increase quality and motivation across occupational groups.

ENP and other nursing classifications can be integrated as databases into third-party systems. HERE you can find out more about databases.

Insight into RECOM-GRIPS

You are interested in RECOM-GRIPS, are about to decide which software makes sense for your facility and your requirements, or would you like to learn more about the modules available?

Please contact us without obligation at !

Live Presentation On Site or Via Web Session

We are also very pleased to present and demonstrate specific modules or the overall concept of RECOM-GRIPS to show you the intelligent software in detail.

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