RECOM-GRIPS in Nursing Education

Informatic implementation of an interprofessional patient documentation in terms of a patient-centered clinical record for the parallel implementation of the nursing diagnostic process and for the teaching of nursing care planning with nursing classifications, accompanied by the learning of various assessment methods.

RECOM-GRIPS in Nursing Education

GRIPS Education: the Training and Education Version of RECOM-GRIPS

Right from the start of training, the education version of RECOM-GRIPS can accompany everyday teaching and learning with a high-level of practical relevance and support for necessary everyday tasks. Just like the full version for hospitals, for example, the education version relies on the key element ENP (European Nursing care Pathways) as nursing language and classification.

ENP comprises the entire nursing process, i.e. in addition to the selection of nursing diagnoses with characteristics, etiologies and resources, the agreement of outcomes and the selection of adequate nursing interventions follows.

Today’s systematic further development concept of ENP follows the principle of evidence-based nursing and does not only takes up international up to date nursing expertise, but also conveys this knowledge into nursing practice and education. This idea is realized in the software through many factors, such as explanatory texts on technical terms and intervention concepts. In addition, notes on the implementation of nursing interventions can be actively displayed in the system. All ENP practice guidelines are provided with with a bibliography in which the publications used for their preparation and review can be viewed and looked up at any time.

In addition to ENP, the standardized anamnesis IDEA (Interdisciplinary Data based Electronic Assessment)  for collecting structured history information including indications for ENP nursing diagnoses, is part of GRIPS Education. Because a detailed information collection is the first important step in establishing a constructive relationship with the care recipient and deriving the nursing care needed. GRIPS Education with IDEA includes over 1,000 individual topics to describe patient or resident conditions for learning and practice purposes!

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