Mobile Working Opens Up New Paths

One of the most frequent questions regarding working on the ward is how digital work can be made possible without Wi-Fi or what happens if it fails. This means that a reliable downtime system is a must for hospital digitization.

No Internet or a Network Connection Failure?
No Problem!

What is the solution in this case? The “SymmetriX” add-on module in RECOM-GRIPS synchronizes all relevant data from the RECOM-GRIPS electronic health record to the mobile device and back again.

How To do That Without a Network Connection?

Quite simply, as long as the mobile device is connected to the network, the data are permanently synchronized. That means that the actual state of all the data you require is available locally. Additionally, it allows you as a user to define exactly how much data you want to transfer to the mobile device before use to avoid unnecessary transfer of large amounts of data. Changes, edits and newly made documentation are temporarily saved while you work e.g. on your laptop and automatically synchronized back to the GRIPS main database, as soon as a connection to the internet is restored! Of course, all data on the mobile device are encrypted.

Symmetrix has another decisive advantage: it serves as safety net and “false bottom” in the event of a server or network failure! By using mobile devices and synchronized data, you remain fully capable of working and documenting even without a network connection. Also in this case, as soon as the connection is restored, all data are automatically synchronized to the main server again.

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“If a system or network failure occurs, the staff can continue to work offline. Later, all data will be automatically synchronized. This saves us the paperwork and time-consuming manual follow-up documentation. No other provider offered us that in this form.” 

The Klinikum Christophsbad also uses SymmetriX to import updates. They are first installed in a test system to check whether they work properly. “When installed in the real system, it is idle for about an hour. Access to RECOM-GRIPS is then blocked hospital-wide and users continue to work with the downtime system.”

Steffen Zeiss, Head of IT Department & Melek Ercan, IT Project Manager Klinikum Christophsbad

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