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ENP Online combines professional pedagogical aspects & nursing diagnostics in a vivid way. The tool is a browser-based learning platform for studying the nursing terminology European Nursing care Pathways (ENP) and the associated nursing planning and documentation, among other things. A free starter version and the optional use of PREMIUM functions are available for this purpose. Interesting for teachers and students alike!

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NOTE: The two-week trial offer (form on the right) is a goodwill offer from RECOM GmbH. This is not intended to be used to equip entire classes and courses for teaching. RECOM GmbH reserves the right to limit the issue of test licenses.

ENP Online in detail

The free starter version, which you can easily access via an Internet browser at allows viewing, searching and studying the entire ENP catalog without time limits and serves as a practical ENP browser and reference work.

The PREMIUM version complements the viewer with the option of actively creating and editing nursing care plans. Saving, exporting and importing of the created nursing care plan as wells as printing and further editing at a later date are of course an easy task. The Premium version also allows nursing care plans that have already been created to be further edited on another device using the export and import function. A valuable development, as many users have reported back to us.

The advantages of a web-based version over a locally installed program are obvious:

  • ENP Online is independent of the operating system used (Windows, Mac, Linux ...)
  • ENP Online can be used on any web-enabled device (computer, tablet, smartphone with responsive display of the interface)
  • Apart from a web browser, there are no requirements for the hardware and software environment

    It is possible to use the PREMIUM functions within an inexpensive individual license for students and trainees, as well as a collective license to support entire classes in learning in educational institutions. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Do you have any questions or would you like a no obligation consultation/presentation or a time-limited test license? Then please contact us directly at 

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