Thieme Verlagsgruppe

Software Development

RECOM has begun to think about how to integrate knowledge very early – especially current technical knowledge in the area of nursing care – into practice and the work processes. Our awareness that the use of IT in healthcare is highly complex and it is not enough just to develop individual modules for each professional group matured already in the mid-90s.

Standardization and Classification

Today we say that the implementation of an electronic patient and resident record can only succeed, if the standardization of information as well as the use of terminologies/classifications will be advanced.

People Are Our Benchmark

Our approach is the consistent use of vocabulary, the support of healthcare stakeholders through "best-practice" information and the illustration of electronic workflow processes. And this always under the premise that the human being and his/her treatment and care determines the electronic workflow processes.

Cross-sectoral Software

We face the challenge that the electronic record RECOM-GriPS has to bring together the professional groups, and not separate the healthcare sectors at the same time. All sectors have to be included into the information process to achieve an efficient and safe treatment and care of patients and residents.

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