The nursing classification NANDA International are descriptions of the nursing situation. The NANDA International (NANDA-I) organization has been dedicated to providing a standardized taxonomy based on nursing diagnoses around the world for about 40 years. RECOM is the official licensee of NANDA-I for the German-speaking countries and translates the original English-language edition into German.


A Meaningful Alliance

In the nursing terminology and classification ENP (European Nursing care Pathways) detailed practice guidelines are available. A practice guideline always consists of the preceding nursing diagnosis, associated characteristics, etiologies, resources, outcomes and finally the nursing interventions.

The database of NANDA International illustrates the familiar NANDA-I structure: established nursing diagnoses with corresponding defining characteristics, related factors or risk factors and associated conditions and risk populations.

The number of nursing diagnoses and practice guidelines included depends on the integrated NANDA-I version.

Use “the Plus”

RECOM provides a helpful combination of both databases (NANDA-I and ENP). For this purpose, the existing NANDA-I structure is supplemented by nursing outcomes and interventions of ENP in order to be able to illustrate a complete nursing care process based on the NANDA-I nursing diagnoses as well.

As a result of this intelligent linkages, users are shown outcomes and interventions from the ENP practice guidelines for the respective NANDA-I nursing diagnoses combined in the NANDA-I PLUS database.


The familiar NANDA-I structure (shown in red in the figure) ...

... is linked to the nursing outcomes and interventions from the ENP practice guideline (shown in blue in the figure).

Read more about the nursing terminology ENP which illustrates the entire nursing care process, here.

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