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The nursing classification NANDA International are descriptions of the nursing situation. The NANDA International (NANDA-I) organization has been dedicated to providing a standardized taxonomy based on nursing diagnoses around the world for about 40 years. RECOM is the official licensee of NANDA-I for the German-speaking countries and translates the original English-language edition into German.

NANDA-I is available both as published edition (to the book) and as database for the integration into RECOM-GRIPS and as external database in third-party systems.

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Standardized Nursing Diagnoses for Professional Care

Nursing diagnoses are considered key to evidence-based professional nursing. They are an effective tool for meeting the needs and demands of patients and ensuring patient safety. Particularly in the age of electronic health records standardized nursing diagnoses such as the NANDA-I taxonomy also offer the opportunity to collect nursing data for analysis by healthcare providers and use in audits.

NANDA-I – A Tool for Nursing Diagnoses

Official Licensing of NANDA-I Nursing Diagnoses

RECOM is the official licensee in German-speaking countries of the German translation of the NANDA-I nursing diagnoses in the current version 2021-2023.

With the publication of the 2009-2011 version, NANDA-I changed its (book) publication mode, now the classification will now be updated every three years. NANDA-I encourages the use of the most current version and requests that this version is cited in books and other publications. The current edition should also be used in daily practice.

As soon as a new edition is published, it replaces the older version.

For any use of the nursing diagnoses beyond the printed book edition, the licensee must be asked whether a license must be purchased and under what conditions. NANDA-I uses revenues from licensing to support the continued development of the nursing classification.

Licensing for Software Companies or End Users

There are two different license models. On the one side for software companies who want to integrate NANDA-I into their product, on the other side for end users such as hospitals or individual institutions. For inquiries please use our contact form.

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